A Radical Place

Exhibition and Event

Making Border
Afterimages and Projections

Feburary 13 - March 31, 2015
Die Neue Aktionsgalerie
Auguststra©¬e 20
10117 Berlin

Curated by
Seoyoung Kim

In collaboration with
Dongsei Kim

Participating artists and architect
Mariam Ghani
Dongsei Kim
Yuichiro Tamura

Edge Operations: Projecting the DMZ
February 24, 2015

Talk panels
Dr.Seokmin Lee, Dongsei Kim

Discussion panel
Nicolai Sprekels, Seoyoung Kim

[Curatorial Statement]

Mariam Ghani's video works
Photo by Rosalie Bourgeois de Boyne
Dongsei Kim's works
Photo by Jeonghoon Lee