A Radical Place

Seoyoung Kim is curator and art historian based in Berlin, Germany and in Seoul, South Korea. After finishing her studies in Art History and East Asian Art History, she received master degree of History and Cultural Studies from Free University of Berlin. Her main research fields are Korean Modern and Contemporary Art. Her recent research focussed on understanding concepts and strategies of open spaces within the demilitarized zone (border area) that could transform sections of it to be publicly accessible, which is published on June 2015. She also maintains international teaching role, including at University of Tuebingen, Germany and Dankook University, Korea. Currently she is PhD candidate at the Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany.

Formerly, she was Artistic Director of Die Neue Aktionsgalerie (DNA Berlin) and curator of ARARIO GALLERY (Seoul/Cheonan in Korea and Shanghai in China). She has utilized her knowledge of art history in Asia-pacific arts within European and American Art. Her experience has led her to be contracted by international fellowships and participate in collaborations with museums, institutions, and galleries, that include "Nobuko Watanabe, Beyond Beyond Color and Space" (2017), "Sohn Sookwang, Discovery of Korean Modern Paintings" (2016), "Park Youngsook, Mad Women - The Utterance" (2016) at the ARARIO GALLERY CHEONAN, "Kohei Nawa & Damien Jalet - VESSEL performance in Inujima Island" (2016) at the Setouchi Triennale, "Trienal no Alentejo" (2013) on Tatsumi Orimoto Perfomance with 500 Grandmothers in Lisboa, "Videonale 14" (2013) on Retrospective Gary Hill at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, "ARCO" (2013) in Madrid among others. Moreover, it has allowed her to network with artists and curators on an international level, creating an avenue for in depth analysis of international culture and arts. Her recent curatorial works include "Evidence" (2015), "Making Border: Afterimages and Projections" (2015), "Topological Constellation: Art and Architecture” (2014) and "Res(v)olution: Temporary Screening" (2013) at the DNA Berlin. And she organized “Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage on the Korean Peninsula” (2013) at the Asian Art Museum, National Museums in Berlin, while she involved in the planning of the research project at the Freie Universitaet Berlin. She also participated in the curatorial workshop jointly organized by Tate London and Mori Art Museum Tokyo (2014).

She has received grants from Arts Council Korea for international exchanges and collaborations (2011-2013), with which she is developing her curatorial project: "A Radical Place". Also she is the recipient of the Research Grant (2013), while she registered Visiting Researcher Program (2013-2014) in Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States, and of the Travel Grant for Curatorial Workshop (2014) from Korea Arts Management Service / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea.

Her recent edited and co-edited publications include: From demilitarized zone to publicly accessible park, Thesis. Berlin: Freie Universitaet Berlin. 2015. "On the Systematic Preparation for Cultural Exchanges in the Korean Peninsula, with Germany as the Case Study”, in: North Korean Atlas. Seoul: DAMDI Architecture Publishing. 2014, Allgemeines Kuenstlerlexikon. Die Bildenden Kuenstler aller Zeiten und Voelker, Band 78/80. Contrib. Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter. 2013/2014, A Radical Place, Seoul: Mediabus. 2013, Reception of western painting in Korea, Thesis. Berlin: Freie Universitaet Berlin. 2013.

Information can also be obtained by sending an e-mail to s.kim@fu-berlin.de
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